Decentralized Autonomous Organizations “DAOs” and Decentralized Financial “DeFi” markets have the potential to radically change the business development model, while substantially extending a democratized impact investment model. Benefits of DAOs and DeFi include: collective risk mitigation, decentralized access to collective sources of capital, access to breakthrough technological innovations, reduced risk of centralized special interest groups stifling free-market competition and business, reduced risk of artificial barriers to entry, digitalization, and decentralization of governance, transparent economics, and code-driven ecosystems. In business development, how the group/team performs can be highly affected by the collective, a DAO organizes the collective in a digitalized and decentralized manner, creating a verifiably trustless ecosystem. For investors, if the knowledge of DAOs and DeFi is utilized to their advantage, it means more information and control in each investment. A knowledgeable investor can navigate through DeFi protocols, onchain analytics, smart contracts, market sentiment, market analytics, communities, tokenomics, and general cryptocurrency fundamentals in order to build their portfolio. Compared to traditional markets, DAOs and DeFi offer investors a globally available mechanism for more precise risk mitigation, consistent yield, and the ability to directly impact and manage the direction and growth of a project or business via decentralized governance.
Developing a business within a decentralized collective ecosystem also has the potential to produce further alignment of interests amongst industry peers, investors, owner-operators, services providers and legislators, which are part of the collective. Thanks to the presence of decentralized participatory governance with designed elements of a fluid democracy, this can produce a more optimum balance of interests amongst all participants. Important to note, that decentralized financial markets are providing alternative sources of democratized capital while utilizing new technologies to drive fluid liquidity with cryptocurrencies and derivatives, which provide meaningful collective empowerment for economic, environmental, social & community sustainability and growth.
For modern businesses and individuals who engage in commerce, it’s important to understand, further promote, and support and incorporate the use of distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. The results of doing so are invaluable in: creating immutable records, providing on-chain enforceable governance capabilities, providing an unprecedented level of data transparency and data security, assuring equal access to data amongst both public and private participants, establishing versatile and robust digital communicability, and helping to create trustless environments. The advent of distributed ledger technologies presents the unique opportunity to utilize cryptocurrencies in unregulated decentralized markets, such as: hybrid currencies, synthetic currencies and stable derivative instruments, and to help further the shift to trustless peer to peer markets. Alternatively, the advent of distributed ledger technologies also presents the unique opportunity to utilize cryptocurrencies to establish decentralized capital markets for real world development, community sustainability, creation of autonomous decentralized economic ecosystems, collective credit, microfinance, community digital currencies and much more.
With so much innovation, and so much to have in mind as an investor in the cryptocurrency space, it’s of utmost importance to have an alternative capital allocation platform which provides the necessary technology and expertise in navigating the multitudes of facets involved in mitigating risks in crypto currency markets, and ensuring secure capital allocation to attain a consistent yield. The QUAI Collective offers such vital expertise to investors, and utilizes that expertise to drive the collective success of each unique project selected to the QUAI for acceleration, utilizing our unique suite of DeFi tools and services.
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