QUAI Collective
The QUAI Collective consists of a diverse spectrum of industry professionals, focused on supporting projects and businesses at various stages of their development, providing the necessary catalyzation through expertise beyond the experience, resources, or ability that the current project’s team has alone. Together, the collective has a strong expertise in developing successful cryptocurrencies, in every aspect, from the ground up.
Too often, we see good projects struggle and fail, as the founders and core employees are taken away from their area of expertise, and forced to focus on tasks outside of their scope. Short on resources, or lacking the expertise to utilize them efficiently, owners and their teams may also be forced to wear many hats in order to pursue: fund raising, marketing, creating communities, preparing presentation materials, preparing pitch decks, developing, devising financial strategy, etc. Plenty of projects in crypto have smart business models, but have neither the resources nor the expertise to properly execute and manage the many facets of their business. Thus, these projects with potential often fail to achieve a successful outcome that they could have otherwise achieved with additional resources and expertise.
QUAI Collective is the means by which we can unlock that potential by providing the necessary resources and expertise to a project that they'd otherwise lack. In doing so, QUAI Collective provides a mechanism for investors to reliably earn a relatively high APY from otherwise volatile or ‘risky’ startups. This mechanism for this relationship between investors, the QUAI Collective, and Projects has a home in the QUAI Accelerator. The functionality of the QUAI Accelerator is further described below.
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