Why QUAI Accelerator?
Modern accelerators currently don’t leverage the collective support of industry experts and professionals for individual projects on an on-going basis. More often than not, accelerators are insufficiently incentivized to commit their valuable time and efforts in order to provide the required support for a particular project in development, while still in its early formative stages. Today’s accelerators act more as Hub, but often cause delay or impede the process of bringing a business to market. This can be due to information overload of the project team, a team’s experience being too insufficient, a team’s underutilization of information provided to achieve results, and a lack of daily processional business development support. Many accelerators offer educational programs but, again, have “no skin in the game” when it comes to implementation; they mainly serve as hubs for networking and education, which often leave the business owners with no clear road map to follow.
The QUAI Collective and the QUAI Accelerator, together, combine to offer a solution to the failures and shortcomings of modern accelerators. Through our QUAI Accelerator, projects can develop to succeed; coincidingly, risk averse investors can profit at a higher rate than they would on traditional markets, or as independent investors (on average).
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