QUAI Accelerator
The QUAI Accelerator operates as a facilitation mechanism for QUAI DAO. Projects come to the QUAI Accelerator for funding and to develop in some capacity, determined on a case by case basis. Indirectly, investors are able to profit from a project’s success via liquidity pool provisioning.
To do this, there are two main liquidity pools (LPs) in the Accelerator. The two main categories of liquidity pools in the QUAI Accelerator are the QUAI DAO LP and the Project DAO LP. For every one project there is one Project DAO LP, however there is only one QUAI DAO LP. Both LPs are described below.
The QUAI DAO LP is our first type of LP; made up of investor-provided liquidity, in assets such as: BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. Effectively, QUAI DAO LP operates as QUAI Collective's Yield Farm for liquidity providers (aka investors). QUAI DAO LP’s yield on liquidity is earned in reputable custodian and staking services, or DeFi vehicles to generate a yield. QUAI Collective manages QUAI DAO LP and determines the best strategies for farming liquidity. Farmed liquidity, or liquidity provider’s yield, is distributed to liquidity providers in QUAI every 30 days (more details for investors below).
The second type of LP is the Project DAO LP; made up of investor provided liquidity, in assets such as: BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. A Project DAO LP is managed by the QUAI Collective in order to develop a respective project, ensuring security of the LP and execution of a project’s road map, in collaboration with project owners and Project DAO members.
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