(5%) for IDO on Binance Smartchain - Available at $0.08 per QUAI for 5 million QUAI (ERC20/BEP20). Any remainder to be sent to Staking Reserve (5,000,000 QUAI).
Token Lock Up after IDO:, QUAI token lockup is purposefully designed to maintain a consistent price and growth trend in QUAI token. Therefore 41.5m tokens are locked both on locker contracts and safes. These tokens are assigned for later years and can only be used for activities which do not cause a dilution event to the current markets. Starting from Q4 2021 - QUAI DAO members will be able to vote on future token allocations.
(15%) of Supply - Staking Pools ERC20 & BEP20 QUAI. Are limited time high rate staking programs, beginning from the start date of the presale. Any undistributed tokens will be allocated to future staking or farming pools (15,000,000 QUAI)
(10%) of Supply - QUAI on BSC - Allocated for QUAI on BSC, please note these numbers can change due to migration of ERC20 token holders to QUAI on BSC via the cross chain bridge or centralized exchanges on which both ERC20 and BEP20 QUAI are listed (10,000,000 QUAI),
(10%) of Supply - Marketing and Community Rewards - Marketing, promotions, community rewards & other programs. (10,000,000 QUAI)
(20%) Supply - Development QUAI DAO and Investments - these are tokens specifically earmarked for investments and development, as QUAI strives to also invest and develop a diversified DeFi holding for various DeFi protocols in which QUAI is the lead or co-investor. And maintain a reserve for development in future years. (2,000,000 QUAI)
(10%) of Supply - for Farming and Liquidity Mining QUAI allocations - To be used for creating farms and liquidity mining pools. (10,000,000 QUAI)
(10%) Supply - Future Staking Rewards - To be released by the QUAI Collective for Staking Pools in later years (10,000,000 QUAI).
(20%) of Supply - QUAI Collective - QUAI allocation for founders, co-founders, participating, members of the QUAI Collective with a 24 month vesting schedule, pro-rata monthly. (these allocations will be updated in the quarterly token distribution reports) (20,000,000 QUAI)
*Please note staking rates and farming yields can be adjusted to reflect market conditions over time, each adjustment will be publicly advised on QUAI DAO
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