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QUAI Collective ensures that project owners and their teams get the necessary day to day support in all stages of development including: assistance with capital provisioning for pre-seed & seed liquidity funding with multiple series rounds, token liquidity pool development, market making, securitization, strategic/business planning and development strategies, creating and supporting lean management models, creating marketing & ad campaigns, technical development and IT, creating pre-MVP design and MVP development & testing, debugging, contract auditing, post MVP testing & launch, go to market strategy, on-going project review recommendations and evaluation, and continued project support.
In collaboration with project’s owners, QUAI Collective ensures that the liquidity in each Project DAO LP is used solely for development of a Project. Prior to the project owners' decisions of whether or not to utilize QUAI Accelerator, the Project’s tokenomics, and allocation of token supply Project LP are determined in negotiations between project owners and the QUAI Collective.
QUAI Collective and the QUAI Accelerator help innovative defi projects face the future confidently. QUAI Collective’s expert community is there helping to execute on-point critical milestones, achieve complex project pivots, and to manage the project road map milestone by milestone.

A project decides it’d be beneficial to utilize QUAI’s ecosystem, and subsequently submits a Request for Support (RFS) to the QUAI Collective. RFSs are reviewed on a case by case basis and negotiated between QUAI Collective and the respective project. Factors considered in negotiation are: scope and budget, Project DAO LP token supply, setup fee, tokenomics and project’s potential market value, based on estimated attainable market share. If negotiations are successful, funds are raised through the QUAI Accelerator via project tokens (allocated to Project DAO LP) combined with liquidity provided to QUAI DAO LP (to mitigate risks for investors).
In regards to negotiations, the scope is the work that needs to be done for the project, and the budget required. The setup fee is a one time fee for the QUAI Collective to set up a project on the QUAI Invest platform. The Project DAO LP charge is a % of the Project DAO LP committed token supply that goes to the QUAI Collective rather than the Project’s development funds.
Once a project is approved, an amount of 1-5 times the budget will be raised via liquidity providers' provisions into the QUAI DAO LP and Project DAO LP, depending on the investor’s risk/reward strategies chosen while investing. For example, if a project comes to QUAI Accelerator for $1m, then, if the investors in that project selects ‘Growth’ strategy (70% QUAI DAO LP, 30% Project DAO LP), then the ratio of QUAI DAO LP:Project DAO LP capital allocated will be 7:3, or $2.33m to $1m. Likewise, if an investor allocates $1m, but 50% of investors select ‘Aggressive’ and 50% select ‘Growth’, then we have a split ratio of 1:1 and 7:3, equating to 5:3; so, QUAI DAO LP:Project DAO LP capital raised will be 5:3, or $1.66m to $1m. As investors can select any strategy, this ratio is formed with greater complexity in reality, and ranges from Conservative’s 5:1 ratio to Aggressive’s 1:1 ratio will very in total value averages. (note the allocation by choses strategy will be averaged
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