For QUAI Collective
QUAI Collective facilitates QUAI DAO in that it has the final say in the use of the QUAI DAO LP, the Project DAO LP, and the QUAI DAO Vaults. To be a part of the QUAI Collective,
individuals must be admitted by QUAI Collective members. QUAI Collective’s functionality is broad, details are discussed below.
The QUAI Collective controls the Project DAO LP for each project, and is responsible for the success in the development of the project in collaboration with project owners, negotiating the RFS between the QUAI Collective and Project Owners, and token distribution and presale contracts.
The QUAI Collective Controls the QUAI DAO LP, is responsible for, generating a yield on liquidity backed SYF, and distributing that yield to registered investors (or liquidity provisioners) in a QUAI value (in USD) greater than market average.
The QUAI Collective Controls the QUAI DAO Vault, containing QUAI tokens in reserve, to be unlocked via QUAI Collective’s multisig vote, and utilized by QUAI DAO.
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