For QUAI Holders
QUAI is an ERC20 and BEP20 token that can be staked, provided to LPs, used for discounts on project token sales, held, traded, used in DeFi dApps, etc. QUAI’s tokenomics are described in the chart below.
For ERC20 and BEP 20 QUAI Holders
For wQUAI Holders
At QUAI DAO we believe as an accelerator leading the way for our client projects, investment projects, and investors, we have the responsibility to offer investors the best of what the current crypto markets have to offer. We not only focus to provide the best possible services for our clients and investors but we are determined to be a leader in innovation, offering optimal and organic markets to QUAI token holders, while providing highly competitive yields and rewards to our Holders. We are always aware of how crypto markets are changing and stay at the forefront of change and innovation, therefore we are striving to be a pure cross-cross chain protocol that affords access to the benefits of each blockchain platform list QUAI on, introducing a high level of interoperability and flexibility for hour token holders to move QUAI easily between blockchain platforms in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

wQUAI is a wrapped QUAI token used for voting on the QUAI DAO in accordance with QUAI Collective. These votes pertain to marketing and community rewards, future farming pools and QUAI Invest, ecosystem development of QUAI DAO, and future staking pools-including other holder rewards.
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