QUAI DAO Litepaper
QUAI DAO is a platform for investors and professionals focused on creating sustainable value by generating consistent capital yields while accelerating technologically innovative projects. The goal is to facilitate through the QUAI platform, profitable and risk-averse capital allocation, while assisting selected DeFi projects in meeting their capital funding needs. QUAI connects liquidity providers to unique tech ventures while providing synthetic yield capital provision opportunities. Through our in-depth understanding of decentralized financial markets, project risk management, blockchain technologies, and ability to create bespoke defi instruments, QUAI DAO is able to support liquidity providers and venture investors in their endeavor to establish consistent yields and maximize ROI on capital allocations. QUAI DAO’s approach to crypto asset management and investing, together with its venture capital allocation strategies for innovative projects, collectively represent the future of alternative asset management in the decentralized financial markets.
Last modified 1yr ago
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